yoga teacher training india

Once we have journeyed on the path of yoga for a long time we can start to ponder whether teaching yoga will be the next stage for us. Experiencing our personal transformation naturally leads to a desire to share this sort of feeling.

The ancient yogis handed down their teachings and traditions inside a Guru/Disciple relationship that often lasted decades ahead of the student was released becoming a teacher to others. However, our modern lifestyles rarely can accommodate these kinds of lengthy immersion. Imagine telling your spouse “I’m off to India to train as a yoga teacher. I shall be back in 20 years.” Not only a viable option for the inexperienced although without a doubt essentially the most thorough way to train.

Currently there’s two main options when selecting to embark on a yoga teacher training programme. A lasting training spread out over a year or more consisting of a monthly weekend session, or perhaps intensive programme whereby you immerse yourself daily for a month or two usually somewhere other than your local yoga centre.

Both options be great trainings although not always suitable for your lifestyle. If starting your long term training, the up side is it will allow you to continue your usual daily schedule, working and holding a job along side your course. Classes usually are scheduled for weekends, monthly with homework and/or a required public class attendance between meetings. This can be a useful strategy to manage a training without much disturbance to your daily life. It is a good way to concentrate on the process in smaller modules. However, one of several problems with this method is there is a tendency to never absorb the information fully. This runs specifically true when maintaining other commitments and family responsibilities. Through your own yoga practice we discover experience itself is the highest of teachers. When we’re “dipping in” to our training and possibly letting our daily yoga practice slide as a result of pressures of family or work we can easily feel the experience we gain on those weekends slips involving the cracks of the remainder of our lives.

yoga retreat india

It may be that you are the kind of person who needs to eliminate distractions in order to fully focus. Are you looking for a complete life change and have been made redundant from a job. In these cases a yoga teacher training that completely immerses you when practice, training and theory can be quite a better option. With an intensive, regular course you would be working everyday for 6-8 hours working on your skills as a practitioner along with learning how to teach and also the general theories of yoga philosophy. This kind of course is usually apart from your local yoga school and is likely to happen in places that surround you using a peaceful more yoga “authentic” environment. For many individuals looking to immerse themselves in a yoga teacher training India and also other places in Asia are normal options. The advantage to this particular is that your daily focus is fully on the course itself. This could allow each student to soak up the information as the repetition of a daily yoga routine embeds itself from the consciousness.

Whatever your motivation for opting to teach, it is a good option to look into all the options available in yoga teacher classes. There are a lot of trainings in the marketplace so the choice is pretty big. Think of what will suit your lifestyle and requirements before choosing. Being able to manage a family and work may be more important to you if you are training, as teaching may be just something you need to add to your current abilities. Or perhaps stepping out of your usual surroundings and daily habits and immersing yourself from the entire process of yoga is what you need to take you to the next stage on your path. Whatever option you decide on yoga teacher training may be an extremely rewarding and life changing experience.

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